Tuesday, 24 March 2015

"The reality is most of us just stumble out on to the road.." - John Brierley talking about the Camino

Most of us have had a certain love-hate relationship with our guide books - normally, it has to be said, when we're having a love-hate relationship with the pilgrimage itself on any given day. The optimism and positive spirit which shines through his writing is something most of us can only aspire to, particularly when tired, plagued by fresh blisters or soaked through by the Galician rain, but John Brierley's books are deservedly popular; we may not always have seen things precisely the way he does, but the guides are always interesting, thought-provoking, clear, consistent and portable: I wouldn't have been without them either in 2013 on the Camino Frances or last year walking on to Finisterre and Muxia.
Here he is in three video clips, in conversation about the Camino de Santiago ...